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What is Usually Included at an All-Inclusive Resort?

All-inclusive resorts are awesome: you get your accommodations, your meals, your fun, and everything all wrapped up in a neat package with a single price tag. As far as stress-free vacations go, all-inclusive resorts are a definite win! If you’re new to the resort world, you may be wondering exactly what is included in all-inclusive resort package. Read on for enlightenment.

The Accommodations

Naturally, an all-inclusive resort includes accommodations. Many all-inclusive resorts have very nice rooms, but every resort is has their own level of comfort and luxury. Some are pretty basic, while others have over-the-top class and may even include your very own personal butler. It all depends on what you’re paying and where you’re staying.

The Food and Drinks

This is one of the best parts about all-inclusive resorts. Food and drinks can get very expensive on vacation, but if you’re at an all-inclusive, you know up front what you’re paying. Also, tips, snacks, and more are also included in the price. Do watch out for paying more than you otherwise would, though. If you’re not a drinker, it may end up being more expensive. Food availability also varies from resort to resort. Most have free food all day, but there are a few that have restaurants that are only open at meal times.

The Fun

At an all-inclusive resort, the fun is free! You pay for almost everything you’ll want to do in your total resort cost. Resorts usually offer things like swimming pools, fitness centers, tennis courts and such, and many have a private beach or offer movies, snorkeling, children’s activities, non motorized water sports, evening entertainment and plenty of other things to do during vacation. Some premium resorts even include scuba diving, golf and guided tours.

What’s Not Included

There are, however, some things that are typically not included in the cost of an all-inclusive resort. These are optional things such as offsite excursions, motorized water sports, spa services, golf, and airport transfers. If you can avoid doing things that cost extra fees, you can save money. But remember—you’re on vacation! This is the time to splurge and it’s a good idea to plan a little extra in the budget for the things you’ll be dying to do once you get there.

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