• Christy Borjes

What is the Best Time of the Year to Travel to the Caribbean?

Ah, the Caribbean. There’s nothing like relaxing on a beach with a cold drink and warm sand on your toes. The Caribbean Islands are some of the most popular destinations for both European and North American travelers all year round, but when is the best time to go? Well, let me impart some wisdom so you can choose when to plan your next vacation.

Wet Season:

If you are not familiar with tropical weather, you may not know that there are really only two seasons in the Caribbean: wet season and dry season. Wet season is the summertime, from roughly April to October. There is a lot to love about wet season! Even the drier islands turn green from all the rain, and on sunny days, the water is clear and perfect for snorkeling. There are way fewer tourists, too, because rainy season is the off season. Which brings me to the downside of wet season: rain. And a lot of it. Plus, there is the risk of hurricanes. Fortunately, you’ll know far in advance if a hurricane is coming; unfortunately, it’s not as far in advance as when you’ll want to book plane tickets. The good news, however, is that you can save a lot of money if you come in the off season and chances are, you’ll still get plenty of sunshine! You can also purchase insurance if you’re worried about hurricanes. Many clients prefer to travel during wet season, because the islands are beautifully green and travel is much cheaper. This is also the time when kids are out of school for the summer.

Dry Season:

Dry season is from late October to March. The islands can turn yellowish during dry spells, but that’s not true of all Caribbean places. Dry season is high season, so it gets a lot busier and prices are more expensive. Still, it’s a better time for visitors because you know for sure that you’ll get some of that good Caribbean sunshine and you can escape from the cold back home. Dry season is also surfing season, and it’s the time when the butterflies all come out! If you don’t mind spending more money and being in a more crowded area, then dry season is a great option.

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