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Top Attractions in St Lucia

If you are traveling to the beautiful Caribbean island of St Lucia, you may be wondering what are some of the best things to do outside of your resort. Here are some of the top attractions in St Lucia worth checking out.

Pigeon Island National Park

Pigeon Island National Park was a former island that was joined to the mainland in the 1970s when a sandy causeway was constructed. This national park is one of Rodney Bay’s best features as it has a fantastic range of historical sites scattered across the bucolic former island. The park has quite the spicy past that dates back to the 1550s, when Jambe de Bois (Wooden Leg), St. Lucia’s first settler, used the island as a base for raiding passing Spanish ships. Two centuries later, British Admiral George Rodney fortified Pigeon Island by using it to monitor the French fleet on Martinique.

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens and Mineral Baths

This is a fabulous destination for anyone who is tired of lounging on the beach, but does not want to use their energy to hike through the Pitons. Spending a few hours at the Diamond Botanical Gardens is a relaxing and eye-catching compromise. The entire six acres are filled to the brim with vibrant foliage that includes hibiscus, ixora, heliconia, and more. The Diamond Waterfall is breathtaking; especially when a person sees the colors change from the mixture of rainwater and volcanic minerals that flow down the falls.

Marigo Bay

Marigo Bay is one of the prettiest harbors in all of the Caribbean. There are anchored boats in the water and the land has white sand beaches that are lined with swaying palm trees.

Sulfur Springs Park

Visitors can safely drive past an active volcano inside Sulfur Springs Park. This is the “only drive-in volcano” in the entire Caribbean.

Castries Market

For the last century, the Castries Market has been the capital city’s local food and flea market. The market is open every day, except for Sunday, and the locals gather to sell their homegrown produce and spices as well as St. Lucia stamped souvenirs for tourists.

Reduit Beach

Reduit Beach is one of the island’s finest beaches. The shoreline is expansive and the sunsets are mesmerizing. Beachgoers will love the close proximity to the bars, restaurants, and shops in the Rodney Bay area.

Anse Chastenet

Most people agree that Anse Chastenet is the best beach on St. Lucia for both diving and snorkeling. This picturesque beach is also a nice and peaceful alternative to the sands of Reduit Beach.

The Pitons

These two mountains, Petit Piton and Gros Piton, create the most iconic sight on the entire island. The signature twin peaks rise majestically out from the blue Caribbean Sea and are located just South of Soufriere Bay. They are covered in emerald-colored vegetation and the volcanic plugs, which are land formations made from volcanic materials.

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