• Christy Borjes

Top Attractions in Antigua

If you are going on vacation to the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua, here are some of of the best things to see and do around the island:

Nelson’s Dockyard

Nelson’s Dockyard is Antigua’s most famous attraction. It is the world’s only Georgian era dockyard that is still in use and some of the Antigua Sailing Week events take place here.

Redcliffe Quay

Redcliffe Quay is in the capital city of St. John’s on the water’s edge. The nicely restored and recreated 19th century buildings have festive colors and house amazing shops, restaurants, galleries, and boutiques.

Pink Beach

On the small island of Barbuda, there is a champagne hued beach with sand as soft as silk, called Pink Beach. Visitors can travel to this beach via a ninety-minute high-speed catamaran ride from Antigua.

Betty’s Hope

Betty’s Hope was built in 1674 and was the first sugar plantation on the island. The mill is no longer running, but it has been restored for visitors to see. The remaining buildings on the plantation are in ruins, but people can step inside the former cotton house store room, which is now a museum, to see exhibits and pictures of the original plantation.

Shirley Heights

Inside Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, visitors can hike up to the summit of Shirley Heights for panoramic views of both Guadeloupe and the active volcano of Montserrat. This hike is challenging and best done in the early morning hours of a clear day.

Devil’s Bridge

Devil’s Bridge is a natural limestone arch in Eastern Antigua. The arch has been formed naturally from the ocean waves crashing into it over the years. Walking across the bridge is not recommended since the limestone is quite slippery, but people can possibly get wet if they are near one of the natural blowholes when it blasts sea water and air out of its top.

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