• Christy Borjes

How to Go on Your Dream Honeymoon... for FREE.

A free honeymoon? It is possible? You may be surprised to learn that the answer is yes! While couples spend an average of $5,000 on honeymoons, according to honeymoon.com, you don’t have to drop that chunk of change for your own trip. You can have your dream honeymoon without breaking the bank! Here’s how.

As you know, couples traditionally receive household items for their weddings. Modern wedding include a lengthy registry list of everything the couple could possible need in their home: pillowcases, crystal serving dishes and avocado slicers. For many couples, a gift registry is a must. For others, it’s not such a big deal. If you already have everything you need to live, why not ask for a less traditional wedding gift? A new wedding trend is to ask for a honeymoon instead of other presents.

While it might seem tacky to just ask for money, the reality is that this trend is becoming more and more popular. Plus, guests like the idea that they’re giving you something you really want. And you don’t want three toasters and mismatched picture frames. As weddings become less traditional and more creative, so do the presents. These days, asking for a funded honeymoon is far from rude. In fact, it’s entirely acceptable in modern wedding etiquette.

So how does it work? Actually, it’s quite simple. You just need a place for people to deposit their monetary gifts for your wedding. You could go old school and do a box or bin, but it’s classier to use a wedding website to do the work for you. There are two that are particularly popular: Honeyfund and Traveler’s Joy. On honeyfund.com, you create a honeymoon itinerary that adds up your expected costs. Wedding guests can contribute online in in cash. You can also link your Honeyfund page with an existing registry, if you’d like to combine both options. Traveler’s Joy is similar: you pick a place, create a page, and give people the link to sign up. Before you know it, you’ll have everything you need to go on your honeymoon—for free!

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